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Welcome to ‘Go Faster Gaby’ my blog. Its my story as it happens and is filled with the awesomeness that can evolve from riding a bike.

Cycling is completely unique which is why I love it. Your bike can be what ever you want it to be and therefore take you where ever you want to go. Through riding my bike I have made some of my best friends,ย seen views that have taken my breath away and found something that has motivated me to push myself to my limits!

Iย found my love of riding 2 years ago whilst living in the French Alps. Cycling seemed like a good way to keep fit over the summer ready for the winter snowboarding. But once I started I was hooked and my cycling passion emerged. I met an inspiring bunch of women throughout the Tarentaise valley who I started riding with we would go out on a mix of rides sometimes purely social with lots of nice coffee and pastry stops. Other time on training rides as a lot of the girls entered the local races a lot of which were long road races through the mountains. I love a challenge and didn’t take much convincing that I wanted to race.

I spent last summer doing everything that I could to improve my cycling. I would work throughout the week up the mountain in one of the ski resorts at a chalet park (a building site over the summer) and sand and varnish the outside of chalets. which left the evenings free to train and weekends free to race. Friday nights would be spent loading up the van and often driving for a few hours to where ever an event was being held either in the French Alps of over the boarder in Italy.

I entered a mixture of time trails, mountain time trails and road races through the mountains and managed to get some good results and a few podium finishes. I started to feel more and more inspired and curious as to whats possible on a bike and what would be the ultimate cycling experience. Thats when I signed up for the Transcontinental, a 1 stage bike race completely unsupported from London to Istanbul. A bike race where even getting to the finish line was a huge achievement. Across a continent, taking in 11 countries, 2 mountain ranges, different languages and cultures, carrying everything you need and sleeping by the side of the road when you had to then carrying on. The ultimate cycling adventure on a bike. I completed the 3600km in 12 days and as second woman.

After that I decided to move back to the UK whilst I tried to decide what to do next. Its hard after having one huge focus for such a long time to then have nothing on the horizon, but at the same time hugely exciting to have a blank canvas.

I wanted to get involved more on the British scene. Which is when I was presented with the amazing opportunity for ride for Velosure Starley Primal a pro cycling team that target all of the big events on the British calendar. When I was sat reading the contact I was ecstatic with excitement and completely stoked to be on the team. This is when I new this was going to be my next big challenge, focus and adventure.

One comment

  1. Kobi · August 15, 2015

    Hey Gaby,

    I saw your Instagram about your Swains lane reps. I know starley bikes but thought you guys were based in Altrincham oop North!

    Do you ride around Regent’s Park and do you know about the proposed changes to put 14 speed bumps around the outer circle?

    We are trying to make sure that cyclists both club and non affiliated views are being heard.
    Come and join us!

    I’ll send you a tweet now from the RPC Twitter account


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