What I ate on the Adventure Syndicate North Coats 500

In short A LOT.

At the weekend a group of 7 girls including myself went for the non stop record around the North Coast 500 in the Scottish Highlands. The day before the ride we did an enormous food shop to make sure we had enough fuel to keep up on the road for and pedalling for 36 hours. The amount of food seemed absolutely insane and way more than it would physically be possible to consume. But as we emptied the van on Monday morning having successfully done it there really wasn’t much left over. So i though I would share with everyone out there how much really does need to be going in on a ride like this , just writing it down I feel gob smacked !

Pre ride breakfast a bowl of porridge topped with nuts honey and yoghurt.

An hour in the snacking began in this order…

5 scotch pancakes
2 chicken sandwiches
a handful of Zara’a sweets
2 cherry scones
a mixed seed bar
a banana
a chicken sandwich
a nutella sandwich
a bag of Haribo
half a packet of digestive biscuits
a bidon full of coffee
a mixed seed bar
a few chips
half a litre of almond milk
a breakfast cereal bar
a banna
a bidon full of tomato pasta
the second half a litre of almond milk
an apple
an almond butter sandwich
a box of grapes
a handful of cashew nuts
a bag of wine gums
a hot coffee
a cup of tea chaser
2 chocolate and banana bars
2 shot blocks
a peanut butter and jam wrap
the second half of the pack of digestive biscuits
2 half peanut butter rolls shared with Jenny
a cherry scone
a flapjack
half a cup of coffee
the rest of the packet of shot blocks

A glass of Prosecco !

Each riders food was totally different and you really have to go with what works for you. When I’m cycling my sweet tooth defiantly kicks in. But Zara and Jo went more down the savoury road with salami , a Spanish omelette and baked beans on the menu. Emily put the time in to make some of here food from scratch making sure she had calorie dense snacks including cheese, olive and sun dried tomato flapjacks and bottles of coconut milk . Im not too sure what Ann was eating she was constantly busy being amazingly on it organising the bunch and ferrying snacks to and from the van but I’m sure she had a box of fish and chips mid-ride. Lee was snacking of boiled new potatoes  and cupcakes whilst Rickie’s diet heavily featured hot cross buns which she now never wants to eat again!

It was a full blown weekend of excess, excessive cycling, excessive hours being awake, excessive quantities of food and one mega record!

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BBC Get Inspired – My Story

Going into my first season of racing as part of a Velosure Starley Primal last winter was a huge challenge. I had a chat with some of the team at the BBC about what had got me into the sport, how I was adjusting to doing structured training and my ambitions. One of my main goals is to help inspire other women to get into sport and find something they are truly passionate about, I hope this article helps in a small way to achieve that Click here to read the feature. 



Tales from the Tuscany Trail

My friends and I aren’t your stereotypical girls. We do love shopping but mostly for bike kit, hanging out and chatting but about who’s racing where and riding what. We often meet up for coffees but only when its near the end of a ride.

So who are these girls? Rickie Cotter is a 24 hour solo mountain bike racer and one of the top competitors in the world, Lorena Jones is a cycling fanatic who works for Total Women Cycling during the week, then out often for the whole weekend putting down 100’s miles. I am a professional road racer, and compete in the UK and Europe for Velosure Starley Primal.

Rickie and myself met on on one of the biggest single stage races in the world last summer – The Transcontinental. This monster of a race starts in London, crosses the continent and finishes in Istanbul, totally self supported. A very tough challenge. I met Lorena whilst I was training for that event at the start of last summer half way up the Col Du Madeline – one of the giants in the French Alps. It’s always great to meet other girls who share your cycling passion so we just started chatting and got on straight away.

May bank holiday was fast approaching. With a few days off work and everyone making plans my friends and I decided that it was a brilliant opportunity to fit in a weekend of bikepacking…….. Read more here. 


Photo by Huw Williams

Photo by Huw Williams

The Cheshire Classic is a race I heard mentioned a lot since joining Velosure Starley Primal. It’s known for its hill which physically, mentally and tactically is renown for shaking things up in this race made up of 12, 7.7km fast laps of the course.

After spending the last six years based out in the French Alps surrounded by a jagged skyline of giant mountains i’m well accustomed to pedalling up hill. But when you thrown a steep short hill into a race situation where everyone is out of the saddle powering up, its eventually going to grind everyone down including the climbers making for a tough day on the bike….. Click here to read more.